MALCS 2016 Call for Papers

University of Wyoming
August 3 – 6, 2016
Laramie, Wyoming

Conference Theme: “Deconstructing the Equality State: Remnants of Colonialism, Trauma, and Invisibility

Herman@s y colegas de MALCS:

On behalf of the Board of MALCS, I am excited to inform you of the theme and dates for the 2016 MALCS Summer Institute to be held at the University of Wyoming in Laramie. This year’s theme is “Deconstructing the Equality State: Remnants of Colonialism, Trauma, and Invisibility” and the Summer Institute is scheduled for August 3rd to the 6th, 2016.

The Site Committee, led by CC Aragon and Irlanda Jacinto along with other wonderful mujeres at the University of Wyoming, has developed an exciting and provoking Call for Papers, which you can read by clicking on the link below to download the call to your desktop or access it online at

The call should elicit and create insightful proposals from the membership about the continued resistance against neo- and not so neo colonialism and its ill effects on our populations. The State of Wyoming purports its logo to be the “the Equality State,” but as our colegas from the University of Wyoming aptly suggest, equality is far from universal and just. This year’s theme asks us to consider to ongoing struggle against imperialist practices that seek to erase our collective and individual selves and our own lived experiences from hegemonic histories and national imaginations. Fortunately, as we gather in Laramie this coming August, we can continue to learn from each other and strengthen our fight for recognition, acknowledgement, and equality. If there is something I have learned from you all malcsistas is that si se puede.

I invite you all to send proposals and to make plans to join us for this exciting 2016 MALCS Summer Institute at the University of Wyoming. I know that Laramie might seem geographically far away for some of our membership located in Califas, Tejas, and other locations in the Southwest, but let me remind you that Laramie is only 2 hours from Denver, Colorado, and that direct flights served by United Airlines from Denver arrive and depart daily from the Laramie Regional Airport.

The mujeres at the University of Wyoming will be posting detailed information on how to get to Laramie via air and land in the coming weeks – so do not be dissuaded by distance; after all to quote my mentors from MALCS, we chican@s/latin@as and indigenous native folk are diasporic peoples, so a little more travel does good for the soul – especially when at the end we shall arrive to comunidad in every sense of the word. As you know, the MALCS Summer Institute is where we grow and learn from ourselves. I always personally feel I can take one more year (or more) of our struggle after recharging at the Institute – so do please consider joining us in Laramie this August.

Paper, panel, workshop, and roundtable proposals are due on March 15, 2016 via email and in the next weeks, we will be releasing information about travel, lodging, and other details about the 2016 MALCS Summer Institute at the University of Wyoming. So please check back at for updates and additional information.